Pinball Contacting NSD

Mailing and Street Address:
1286 Cedar Creek Road,
Cambridge ON N1R 5S5

Phone: 519-623-4188
Fax: 519-623-9997


Staff Contact Information
Please visit our staff page for more information on our team members and their responsibilities.

Danielle Forbes
Executive Director
Extension 12

Garry Stephenson
Breeding & Puppy Program Manager
Cell: 519-504-0502

Chris McArthur
Puppy Program Coordinator –¬†Veterinary Care
Extension 18

Cathy Klein
Puppy Program Trainer
Extension 14

Annie Banks, B.S.W.
Client Services Program Coordinator
Extension 25

Rochelle Barber
Communications/Events Coordinator
Extension 13

Tom Sommerville
Volunteer Coordinator
Extension 20

Margie Rolston
Extension 23

Vicki Zettler (on mat leave)
Senior Trainer/Instructor
Extension 19

Carol Matthews
Extension 19

Erin Finochio
Extension 17

Serena Ivanovskis
Extension 17

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