Pinball Contacting NSD

Mailing and Street Address:
1286 Cedar Creek Road,
Cambridge ON N1R 5S5

Phone: 519-623-4188
Fax: 519-623-9997


Staff Contact Information
Please visit our staff page for more information on our team members and their responsibilities.

Danielle Forbes
Executive Director
Extension 12

Garry Stephenson
Breeding & Puppy Program Manager
Cell: 519-504-0502

Chris McArthur
Puppy Program Coordinator –¬†Veterinary Care
Extension 18

Cathy Klein
Puppy Program Trainer
Extension 14

Tamara Leniew, B.A.
Program Manager,
Extension 25

Annie Banks, B.S.W.
Client Services Program Coordinator
Extension 15

Karina Weber
Volunteer Coordinator
Extension 20

Rochelle Barber
Communications/Event Coordinator
Extension 13

Judy Frank
Fundraising Coordinator
Extension 10

Margie Rolston
Extension N/A

Vicki Zettler
Senior Trainer/Instructor
Extension 19

Carol Matthews
Extension 19

Jill Finlayson
Extension 19


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