Milkbone NSD

NSD’s partnership with the makers of Milk-Bone* dog snacks allows us to enhance the lives and increase the independence of children and families living with autism and special needs. Since 2007, the makers of Milk-Bone have sponsored over 20 Certified Service Dogs, and rewards over 100 puppies-in-training annually as our Official Treat Sponsor. National Service Dogs appreciates the quality and variety in the Milk-Bone* brand, and trust the nutritious value of the products to help maintain the health of our dogs.

On May 11, 2012 we brought home a Golden Retriever named Willa from National Service Dogs. From the moment Willa walked in the door, our daughter Kayla couldn’t keep her hands off her! Kayla does not like to walk, but since Willa came along, she’s much more willing to go further distances. Kayla likes being tethered to Willa and has done very well on outings. We have taken them to stores where we have not taken her in years because of some bad experiences, and she has done great! Kayla walks proud when she is with Willa and she enjoys showing off with Willa’s commands.
Kayla's Mom on her daughter and her Certified Service Dog, NSD Willa, a recent Milk-Bone* Sponsored Team

The makers of Milk-Bone* believes that when it comes to nourishing the special bond you have with your dogs, it’s important you give them a variety of treats. Whether you want quality products that are perfect for praising, nutritious snacks to help provide for healthy bones and immune systems, the wholesome biscuits they know and love or downtime distractions they can really sink their teeth into – Milk-Bone* has it all. A trusted brand for over 100 years, Milk-Bone* dog snacks treats contain simple wholesome ingredients that all dogs love.

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