2018 Annual Report:
2018 Annual Report

2018 Financial Statement:
2018 Audited Financial Report

Past Annual Reports:
2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
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2014 Annual Report   2014 Highlights (Video)
2013 Annual Report   2013 Highlights (Video)
2012 Annual Report   2012 Highlights (Video)
2011 Annual Report
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2009 Annual Report

Past Financial Statements:
2017 Audited Financial Statement
2016 Audited Financial Report
2015 Audited Financial Report
2014 Audited Financial Report
2013 Audited Financial Report
2012 Audited Financial Report
2011 Audited Financial Statement
2010 Audited Financial Statement
2009 Audited Financial Statement

CRA Information Returns:
For a complete list of NSD’s past Registered Charity Information Returns, including detailed financial reports, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charity Listings.


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