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Schools, Camps and neighbourhood Programs

National Service Dogs is dedicated to advancing the cause of Certified Service Dogs and those who rely on them.  Our community programs focus on promoting compassionate caring, respect for animals, inclusive communities and the human-animal bond.

University and College Program

NSD has partnered with student groups from the University of Waterloo to foster mental health, volunteerism and community engagement within the student population. Our service-pups-in-training visit the student lounge during midterm and exam weeks and provide students a time to relax and bond with our dogs. Research suggests these bonding sessions can help students reduce stress and re-focus during peak periods in their studies. It also fosters volunteerism; many of our Puppy Raisers have committed to our puppy raising program after participating in our campus programs. In the last year NSD has expanded this program to include Conestoga College and Laurier University.

Workplace Program

We know the workplace can be a stressful environment. Deadlines? Tax season? A visit from our puppies-in-training can help! Built on the principles of our university program, NSD coordinates puppy visits at local businesses to reduce stress and promote well-being in the workplace.

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