As our NSD Puppy Program continues to expand, we are actively seeking additional, qualified volunteers who can support our current puppy raisers.

Our current NSD Puppy Raisers sometimes travel for work or or undertake summer vacations.  Champion Puppy Sitters are volunteers who agree to puppy sit in their own home (for one week or more) while the current puppy raisers are away.  This opportunity can occur at any time during the year, but summertime is a particularly busy time where many volunteers are required.

To become a Champion Puppy Sitter, you must complete an online application HERE and live within 45 km of NSD HeadQuarters.  Once registered, and depending on your background and qualifications, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the application process in its entirety.  Although we do make some exceptions to well qualified volunteers, ideally, Champion Puppy Sitters have raised an NSD puppy within the last 24 months, are well versed in all NSD training policies, and/or a recent participants in NSD puppy training classes.  NSD Puppy class attendance is a mandatory part of this program for all those who have no personal experience raising an NSD puppy.

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