Team Scotia Bank NSD Volunteers
NSD would not exist without the hard work and dedication of our 500+ volunteers. In 2014, 450,000 hours of volunteer time were donated to NSD. This represents the same amount of hours worked by 216 full-time employees and a savings of over $4,950,000 for the organization.

NSD is currently accepting applications for the following volunteer opportunities:

Opportunities with Dogs in Training

Do you love dogs?  There are a variety of ways to volunteer at National Service Dogs (NSD) and work with our life changing puppies-in-training and dogs in Advanced Training!   Regardless of how you plan to volunteer, WE WANT YOUR HELP!

Puppy Raising

Puppy Raising with NSD means having furry friend by your side at work, school, and anywhere else you go in a day. The most important trait of a Puppy Raiser is their dedication. Dedication to providing a puppy with daily care and consistency in their training – with ongoing support for Puppy Program staff.
To get NSD puppies for their lives as Service Dogs, Puppy Raisers are asked to socialize puppies through meeting different people and exposure to different places and things. Basic obedience and great house manners are also part of Puppy Program training. Puppy raising is a very rewarding experience that involves everyone in the household. Please consider raising an NSD puppy and changing a life.

All those interested in becoming a Puppy Raising Volunteer email Linsdey for more information – .  Once we receive your application, we will contact you via email and provide additional details.

Whelping Homes

The Whelping Home is the first step of the journey for our wonderful Service Dogs. In this volunteer role, the Whelping Home welcomes the pregnant mom into the home and provides a safe and calm environment to welcome the litter of puppies. For the next 8-9 weeks, the Whelping Home cares for and helps to socialize the puppies until they are ready to start their training journey with Puppy Raisers. Whelping Homes are responsible to keep the puppies’ area clean and stimulating. NSD offers a strong supportive whelping program with a variety of enrichment activities for the puppies and their mom. Although NSD requires the Whelping Home to monitor the puppies and the mom, we do offer puppy-sitting services to ensure the Whelping Home can maintain some normalcy during the experience.

If this sounds like a volunteer opportunity you may be interested in or you have further questions, please contact Linsdey at . Thank you for your interest!

Evening Sitter Program

Volunteers are needed to care for several of our Advanced Training Dogs each evening from Mondays-Thursdays. This provides the dogs with a relaxing, quiet home environment so they can return rested and ready for training each day. As an Evening Sitter Volunteer, we ask you to drop off the NSD dog each morning between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and pick-up each afternoon between 4:30 and 5 p.m.  All volunteers will be provided with full orientation, food, veterinary care and training. This is an ideal opportunity for those comfortable interacting with dogs and who reside in the Cambridge area close to our kennel at 1286 Cedar Creek Rd. Cambridge.  Volunteers must have their own reliable transportation.

Volunteer Eligibility

To qualify for any sitting program you must complete 4 evenings in our Evening Enrichment Program and 4 evenings attending Puppy Class (either Monday nights or Wednesday nights).

Volunteer Criteria

  • Access to a reliable car
  • Volunteers must be a minimum age of 21 years old.
  • The dogs are expected to be provided a safe and loving home for the weekend.  An in-home visit may be required.
  • No Student Residences will be accepted.

If interested please email Lindsey at

Evening Enrichment Program

Every evening Monday through Thursday we have volunteers who come to our facility to spend time with the dogs in advanced training. The evening begins at 7pm and runs to approximately 9pm.  The evening schedule involves three key components to be described in more detail at the orientation:

  1. Read and Relax (quiet time in the kennel)
  2. Massage and Grooming (one on one with the dogs)
  3. Leash-Free Run Time

Volunteer Criteria 

Volunteers must be a minimum age of 14 years old.  Any volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or parental guardian.

We are not currently accepting new volunteers for EEP

Weekend Sitter Program

Weekend sitting is another option for volunteers. Every weekend, our dogs in advanced training go home with an individual or family.  These are volunteers who are interested in taking the same NSD dog home every weekend or on alternating weekends (with the exception of most long weekends). Our volunteer weekend sitters pick up the NSD Dogs every Friday at the National Service Dog (NSD) kennel in Cambridge after 3pm and return the dogs to NSD Sunday between 7-8pm. The weekend is a chance for the dogs to relax with the volunteer after a long week of training subsequently dogs are not provided vests for public access.

Volunteer Eligibility

To qualify for any sitting program you must complete 4 evenings in our Evening Enrichment Program and 4 evenings attending Puppy Class (either Monday nights or Wednesday nights).  

Volunteer Criteria

  • Volunteers must be a minimum age of 21 years old.
  • The dogs are expected to be provided a safe and loving home for the weekend.  An in-home visit may be required.
  • No Student Residences will be accepted.

We are not currently accepting new volunteers for Weekend Sitting

Opportunities within the Organization

Easter Egg Hunt

Months of preparation and hard work make the Hunt such a success. Under the direction of our Fundraising Coordinator our team of volunteers collect prizes and sponsorship, distribute promotional material, and organize Hunt day activities. National Service Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is a family event that includes “man’s best friend”. It has been hosted in various cities over the last 19 years. Getting its start in Oakville, Ont. in 1998, the event quickly became NSD’s largest and most anticipated event. All monies raised support NSD’s award-winning Certified Service Dog programs.

Next Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs: Good Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers



Hunt Locations:

  • Kitchener – Knollwood Park/Sheppard Public School, Kitchener, at 10 a.m.
  • Guelph – Centennial Park, 377 College Ave. W., Guelph, at 10 a.m.
  • Oakville – Bronte Creek Provincial Park, 1219 Burloak Dr, Oakville, at 10 a.m.
  • St. Catharines – Burgoyne Woods Park, 70 Edgedale Rd, St. Catharines, at 10 a.m.
  • Windsor – Malden Park, 4200 Malden Rd, Windsor, at 10 a.m.
  • London – Plunkett Estate (Fleetwood Farms), 9282 Elviage Drive, London, at 10 a.m.
  • Toronto – Coronation Park, 711 Lake Shore Blvd W, at 10 a.m.
  • Calgary – Calaway Park, Range Rd 33, Calgary AB, at 9 a.m.

Be sure to visit our Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs to register if you want to join in the fun.

If interested please email Lindsey at 

Maintenance (Indoor and Outdoor)

Are you handy with odd jobs? Here at National Service Dogs we are always looking for a little help around the facility. Whether it be fixing the garage doors, tiling, drywall, plumbing, electrical, raking leaves, or fixing gates/ fences- we are always in need of some help!

Volunteer Eligibility

This volunteer position is on an on-call basis. We ask that you are able to respond within 24 hours of a request. Volunteers must be a minimum of 21 years old.

Current need: Lawn Maintenance/Grass Cutting

Do you love mowing the lawn?

National Service Dogs is looking for a volunteer to cut our grass weekly.  We provide a riding lawnmower because the property is quite large.  We anticipate that cutting the lawn is a two-hour job.

Volunteer Eligibility

We are looking for a 2 hours commitment once week through to October 2018.  Volunteers must be a minimum of 21 years old and have some riding lawnmower machine experience..

If interested please email Lindsey at

Office Administration

There are times during the year when we require help around the office!  During the winter months we have important mail-outs that need to be stamped, stuffed, and addressed.   There is always preparation for various fundraisers and events (especially the Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs) and simple filing and data entry to keep our department records up to date and organized.  The possibilities are endless for the right volunteers.

Volunteer Criteria

Volunteers must be a minimum age of 18 years old and have access to reliable transportation (there is no public transit access to our facility).  This is an opportunity for an organized individual that works well alone or in small groups.

If interested please email Lindsey at

Board of Directors

National Service Dogs is currently inviting applications for Directors to join our volunteer Board of Directors. We are seeking interested individuals that have an interest in National Service Dogs, especially individuals that may have past board governance and/or project and capital development experience.Board Members for National Service Dogs serve a two- year term, appointed at the Annual General Meeting in June. Board Members typically are required for 10 to 15 hours a month, that includes attending bi-monthly NSD Board Meetings, and sitting on 2 of 3 Committees, either in person or by tele-conference. Board members are encouraged to attend NSD functions when possible.

If you are interested in joining this innovative, dynamic and industry-leading team, please contact Danielle Forbes, Executive Director of National Service Dogs at 519-623-4188 extension 12 or



To become part of our amazing team of volunteers, please contact  Linsdey for more information – If you have a couple of hours once a week, once every two weeks, or once in a while- we can use your help!

Corporate Volunteer Programs: Ask your employer if your company has a volunteer program in which you are given a day off to volunteer or where they will make a donation to have a group of employees assist a local charity with a special project.